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The Story Behind the Name

On April 28, 2011, golf ball-sized hail battered commercial and residential areas across Eastern Tennessee. The storm was notable, ripping siding and roofing off many homes in the Knoxville area, leaving many homeowners with holes in their protective shelter. 

Daniel Hood was in college at the University of Tennessee at the time, pursuing a career in professional football. When the storm hit, he noted the impact of the catastrophe, especially relative to all the rebuilding that would be necessary to restore the residential Knoxville communities to their former glory. 

Since Daniel grew up in the Knoxville area, he had already seen how people could be taken advantage of by large-scale roofing contractors whose only interest was their bottom dollar. In a state of emergency, he knew how panicked homeowners would inevitably be and how this panicked state could subject them to exorbitant prices and inferior work as runs rampant in the construction industry. 

Daniel felt compelled to provide a better option; that is how Daniel Hood Roofing Systems came to be. 

Creating a New Business Model

Even though he was still in college at the time, Daniel founded the company to implement a new standard in roofing construction – a need so blatantly exposed by the hailstorm’s destruction. He wanted to replenish faith in the integrity of the home, starting with the first component system to experience wear in most weather events: the roof. 

Daniel began researching the best roofing systems practices for the area. Especially relative to the most pertinent problems of the East Tennessee area, he learned the importance of proper roofing installation, material selection and longevity practices. He also knew in addition to an emphasis on proper technique, he wanted to use the best materials possible. In this way, Daniel Hood Roofing Systems would be known for being the absolute best quality and value in the industry. 

There weren’t many high-quality roofing material sources available to the Knoxville market at the time. Daniel also noted there was little emphasis on sustainability and environmental friendliness. He knew then if he could address these problems, he would be able to create huge value for his clientele down the line. 

Since that massive hailstorm, Daniel has used this research and experience to build and grow a company that now serves all of East Tennessee. With the new model he created, he founded his company in 2015 alongside some key family and friends. 

With a team including approximately 20 employees, Daniel Hood Roofing Systems has become one of the most awarded and endorsed roofing contractors in the East Tennessee area. Together, we have built a thriving business while still keeping people at the forefront of our firm, first and foremost.

Tennessee Roofing Contractors Protecting What Matters Most

For high-quality roof repair and replacement services, turn to Daniel Hood Roofing Systems. We don’t want you to be taken advantage of by unqualified roofers. That’s why our team of professional roofing contractors provides warrantied products and guaranteed customer satisfaction. As a local family business, we work hard to keep Tennessee families safe and protected. Request your free estimate by calling (865) 851-5002 or by contacting us online.



Daniel was amazing helping me right the wrongs done to me from other so called contractor. I’m so glad I found him!

– Curtis Crowe


I recently paid a company that won’t be named to paint a few rooms in my house. They did a horrible job and left a mess to make a long story short. […]

– Dillon Cawood


The experience was awesome! They were very professional. Thank you!

– Sherry Smith

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