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Daniel’s Commitment to Quality

Daniel Hood- Commitment to People and to Hood Quality

As I reflect on today for this first blog for our new website, I’m just laugh at the perfect scenario to try and truly define how committed I personally am and how our company is to our customers, our workers, and our quality.

I start this day in the ER at 5 am with extremely high blood pressure. Scared and with the memory of my grandfather passing a week ago from a long battle of surviving a stroke, I go in. 3 hours later, I’m out with a lecture, a bill and a pill.

At this time, we already had problems arising with jobs scheduled for today. One delivery wasn’t made and another had a few items missing. Without even thinking, my office manager Penny goes into action. Calls the supplier, gets the materials ready, schedules a pick up by Kathy, our Sales rep (who came in 30 minutes early ready to learn and grow) and then gives me the update.

It didn’t stop there. The supplier provided the wrong materials for the order that had been missed and said the new materials would have to be ordered. That wasn’t good enough for Kathy. She springs into action, finds the new material and gets additional material the workers forgot for today. This was all handled in 2 hours!!

All because of a commitment to who we want to be.

At this time, Penny is managing the phones and schedules 4 estimates for the afternoon for Kathy and I. We travel from Seymour, to 5th ave, to Farragut and then out to Maynardville as a dedication to our 24 hour estimate policy for reroofs.

As we close down and get back to the office around 5:45 pm, I receive another phone call and we’re back out to Farragut to evaluate some hail damage. Unfortunately for us (lucky for home owner), I found no hail but there was a neighbor with wind damage to their home.
I set up a meeting, signed a contract and insurance is buying them a new roof.
I hope I can give you a small glimpse into who we are and who we will be as a company. I truly believe we’ve got the best team in Knoxville and I know we’ll give you the best roof.
From the ER at 5 am, over 250 miles on the road today, 6 estimates, 2 jobs started, 3 completed, we are committed to quality, no leaking roofing because on my name, I’ve got you covered.

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