How GAF Timberline HD shingles protect your home from the cold elements coming between Thanksgiving and Christmas

 How GAF Timberline HD shingles protect your home from the cold elements coming between Thanksgiving and Christmas            

How GAF Timberline HD Shingles protect your home from the cold elements:
The weather is starting to change, and it’s time you took stock of some things around your home to make sure you are ready. GAF Timberline HD shingles will help make sure your home is protected and secure for the upcoming fall weather and prevent the roof problems that can come with the cold.

Why you should re-shingle your home with GAF Timberline HD Shingles between Thanksgiving and Christmas:
GAF HD Shingles:
Dimensional shingles are more durable than your regular 3 tab shingles. They have a higher wind rating, therefore coming into the fall and winter months there tends to be more wind. They will stand up to the weather.
There are some key considerations for when to get your roof done. Now is a great time to get your roof re-shingled. With the end of the year coming up, one of the considerations is home improvement write-offs on taxes. You may qualify to write off home improvement costs on your taxes. Check with your trusted tax accountant.
With cold weather, wind, rain, ice and snow part of the winter mix, now is a great time to take care of your roof and get GAF Timberline HD shingles. These shingles are top of the line and are uniquely created to withstand extreme weather and elements. The shingles will protect your home against the elements better than other shingles. These shingles are thicker and have a higher wind rating. If it snows and ice backs up on your roof during the winter, these will also better protect your roof against leaks. If ice backs up on your roof these shingles will help ensure that your roof is protected against any damage. They protect against ice getting up underneath the shingles.

They are more appealing and will give your home more curb appeal. GAF Timberline HD shingles stand out and will make your home shine. If you are looking for a way to add aesthetics to your house, new shingles, gutters, fascia, and soffit are a great way to do this.

The best way to ensure you and your family get the longest life out of your shingles is to talk with your contractor. You will want to ensure that your roof is properly vented. This alone will help make sure that you get the longest life out of your shingles. Moreover, it will help as the cold weather comes in this fall and winter. It will help with maintaining interior temperature control and any ice backups that may occur in the wintertime.

In the case of a storm, you are in good shape if you choose the GAF shingle. If you get hail damage or wind damage, insurance often pays out more because they are a better quality shingle.

These shingles raise the value of your home, make it look better and protect your roof. You can’t ask for better quality, more beautiful shingle.

You get a lot of bang for your buck with the GAF shingle-GAF compared to competitors you get a better shingle for a better price.

Improper installation of shingles can cause problems such as leaks, so choosing a qualified contractor is critical. Daniel Hood Roofing Solutions has a long history of providing high-quality shingles, excellent, trained roofers, and superb customer service while giving you the best value for the overall work done and product installed.

Proper installation is key. You will want to make sure you choose a qualified contractor to install these. We are highly trained.
Just a quick note, when you call to have us come out to re-roof your home if your house doesn’t have gutters, now will be a good time to install them.

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Daniel Hood Roofing Systems is here to serve you by providing outstanding service, quality products, and knowledge to protect the place that you and your family call home. We provide the most qualified and trained contractors and offer cutting-edge technologies for your roof that will help protect your roof and the value of your home, create a beautiful roofline that can withstand all weather, and guarantee both a product and an experience that you will love.
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Daniel Hood Roofing Systems provides comprehensive service to homeowners to protect your most important investment-your home. We are #1 in the industry serving eastern and middle Tennessee with top-of-the-line, experienced contractors who listen to your needs, respond to your requests and plan projects according to your roof needs, your aesthetics and your budget. We are committed to providing the best customer experience you have ever had with a home contractor while providing you cutting-edge technologies, precision in installation, and complete roof care.

We can provide solutions to all of your roofing needs. You can trust our licensed and insured roofing contractors in East and Middle Tennessee. Our roofers put you, the customer, first. Your satisfaction is our highest priority, as we assure the utmost craftsmanship, keen attention to detail and the highest quality materials. You can rely on our ability to get the job done well and to satisfy you.

Daniel Hood Roofing Systems specializes in residential roofing projects, backed by an amazing team that has your best interests in mind. Our ethics drive our customer service and our work. Without it, we wouldn’t have the amazing track record that we do. We have a team that is certified, highly-skilled, and experienced and provides true customer service. (See our long list of testimonials!) You will be impressed with our craftsmanship.

Many of our customers refer us to their friends and family after their experience with us. They see the impeccable job that we have done and want to share our team and products with others. We provide a full spectrum of roofing services, whether pitched or flat roofs and also offer both skylight and gutter installation. We also provide assessments and homeowner recommendations for roof maintenance to protect our investment.

Serving residential roofing customers in the Area of East Tennessee and Middle Tennessee, we’re licensed and fully insured and bonded. Here is what we can do for you in East and Middle Tennessee:

•Residential Roofing
•Roof Maintenance
•Roofing Repairs
•Storm Damage (Hail, Wind, Debris, etc)

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Our Commitment to Excellence
We are committed to excellence and customer service. Our approach is #1 in our industry. We believe that ongoing training, support, and development for our certified contractors and commitment to customer service place us at the very top of our industry. We will provide the highest quality products by the best contractors. This commitment results in excellent customer service and satisfaction reviews from our clients.
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Residential Roofing:

We offer residential roof repairs, installations, maintenance and more in East Tennessee and Middle Tennessee and all surrounding suburbs.

East and Middle Tennessee TX Roofing Company
Rely on our licensed and insured roofing contractors in East and Middle Tennessee, as our roofers put craftsmanship, attention to detail and high-quality materials into every job they take on.

Daniel Hood Roofing Systems specializes in residential projects, supported by a team that is highly certified and experienced! You will be amazed by the impeccable work we produce, and you will be happy with the customer service you receive at every aspect of the roofing project. We provide the full range of services from assessing your roof, helping you to identify your best choice for your roofing needs and re-roofing or roofing repair. Please call us now for a free consultation! KNOXVILLE(865) 312-7323

Serving residential customers in the Tennessee we’re licensed, fully insured and bonded to offer everything from new construction roofs and roofing repairs to inspections and re-roofs. Plus, all our employees are certified and government background checked. Check out what we can do for you in East and Middle Tennessee:

•Residential Roofing
•Roof Maintenance
•Roofing Repairs
•Storm Damage (Hail, Wind, Debris, etc)

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Exceptional Roofing Services in Middle and East Tennessee:

Are you ready for a new roof? Do you need a roof repair? If you are located in middle or eastern Tennesse and the surrounding areas, you are in luck!! We at Daniel Hood Roofing Systems serve all of the middle and eastern areas of Tennessee. Our reputation is solidly-built over the years and we have a long history of satisfied customers. Never settle for less than the best-here at Daniel Hood Roofing Systems you will have the best team in your corner!

Not only do we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, but we also maintain cutting edge knowledge and products to provide the best roofing service. We stay up to date on new products and practices and educate our contractors continually. You can be guaranteed that you are getting the best team and the best product when you team with us. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Local service with extensive and personal knowledge of the area: You will not have to provide us with any information regarding neighborhoods of east and middle Tennessee, we are local to the area and know your neighborhood. You get personalized knowledge when you hired us.

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Residential Roofing: New Roofs, Repairs and more
Daniel Hood Roofing Systems: Happy to serve homeowners in eastern and middle Tennessee.
If you are considering a new roof, need roof repairs, or are looking for roofing contractors that you can trust, look no further. Our trusted and highly skilled and experienced contractors will guide you and communicate with you throughout the whole process.

From the first step of assessment, our contractors will listen to your needs. Contractors will take a full visual assessment of your roof and gutters. They will take photographs, note any damage to your roof, debris that needs to be removed, or any areas that weaken the integrity of your roof. All areas will be notated, documented, and photographed. Then, the contractor will make specific recommendations according to the issues observed and the recommended repairs. A detailed recommendation will be provided to the homeowner and then all choices in terms of materials, styles, and colors will be discussed. Information regarding the timeline for all projects as well as scheduling projects will be discussed. Lastly, an invoice for all costs will be provided to the homeowner before any work is begun. If you are ready to discuss your roofing questions or needs, call us now for a free consultation and estimate at KNOXVILLE(865) 312-7323.

Our guarantee to you:

We will work with you to increase the value of your home while protecting your roof. We can provide any service needed on your roof, the best product, and the best contractors. We will provide superior results no matter what the job is. We offer 100% satisfaction on all materials and services and 100% customer service satisfaction.
What you will get in return by choosing Daniel Hood Roofing Systems:
You can expect us to work efficiently and quickly, installing the best product at a fair price. You won’t need to continue to look for any other service near you as we do provide services to all areas near eastern and middle Tennessee. Call us now for a free quote!

When you choose us, you will always have a roof specialist in your corner! If an emergency need comes up due to a storm or high wind, you will know who to call. We will respond to your needs quickly and efficiently. Your home will remain protected by professionals who respond to your emergency needs. You will rest assured that you have the best contractor with the highest training and experience. Make sure to add us to your contact list of home contractors! Like us on Facebook for $100 off your roof!

Protecting Your Home and Your Investment

There are a variety of problems that can arise with a roof. High winds during a tornado, hail that powdered the home during a strong storm or age are all culprits that can impact the overall health of a roof. You must choose the right roofing company to protect your home and the investment you’ve made in it. This means you need to act fast to choose the best and highest qualified contractor with the best product and service. Address the problem quickly by calling us now. This will help you to avoid problems in the long run. If you replace the damaged flashing now, for example, it could help prevent more expensive problems in the future. Don’t wait, call us now for a free estimate.

Our Residential Roofing Services

If you have any problem or concern about your roof, but you don’t know exactly what the issue is or how to solve it, call us. We are your trusted roofing company, trusted by your friends and neighbors. (See the long list of recommendations provided by your neighbors!). We are experienced roofing contractors and we can provide a cost-free assessment. We will go up on to your roof and inspect it. We will take pictures and measure it to show you what is happening on your roof and provide an estimate of what should be done.

Here’s a list of some of what we do:
•Roof Repairs: leaks, flashing, shingles, vents, soffits
•New Roofs
•Installation of Roofs
•Maintenance and Planned Maintenance
•Storm Damage Repair
•Hail Damage Repair
•Skylight Leak repair

Flat Roofs
Daniel Hood Roofing Systems specializes in flat roofs as well. We work with a variety of flat or low-slope roofs, from metal and reflective roofs to single-ply roofs. Our team has experience in a variety of roofing. Contact Daniel Hood Roofing Systems in East Tennessee and Middle Tennessee.

We proudly serve homeowners throughout the eastern and middle Tennessee area. Please contact us at (865) 851-5002 to schedule a free estimate. From roof repairs and installations to maintenance and inspections, we handle a variety of projects and installations. Call us now! Don’t wait until you need a roofing specialist-call us now to secure us to help maintain your roof and your most important investment.

Flat roofing Specialist East Tennessee and Middle Tennessee. We are Flat Roofing Specialists.

Your Flat Roof Specialists in East Tennessee and Middle Tennessee. Here at Daniel Hood Roofing Systems, we are well-known in the middle and eastern Tennessee areas for our experience with flat roofs. Flat roofing is certainly different than other kinds of pitched roofing. This type of roof has its benefits and its challenges for the homeowner. Having a strong understanding of flat roofing, flat roof repairing and installations is key to installing a quality product. Here at Daniel Hood Roofing Systems, we have that expertise and experience. We know that flat roofing requires special care and how to guide the homeowner. You cannot afford problems with a flat roof, so make sure to get the right contractor to begin with-we would be happy to help discuss your flat roofing needs.

We can help you with a maintenance plan to keep your flat roof in its best shape and to maintain its overall health and longevity. We can also provide installation and repair.

Reinforce Your Home with Re-Roofing
Here in Tennessee, we are frequently affected by the weather. Weather can vary from rain, wind, ice, tornados, and hail. Each time a home is pounded by weather, the integrity of a roof is in question. Homeowners can do a lot to make sure that their roof withstands the weather. Having a roof that can withstand the weather comes down to the quality of shingles as well as the exactness of the shingle installation. Sometimes, with age and with storms, even with a quality roof might need some tender loving care.

In a situation where your roof needs some attention, it might be confusing whether or not the roof needs repairing or if it needs a complete replacement. Call us now and we can help you decide what is needed. KNOXVILLE(865) 312-7323

We can help you ascertain the extent of the damage as well as what needs to be done to restore your roof to its former glory and surpass it. We can help provide the highest quality roofing materials to ensure that your roof is protected, your family is protected, and your investment is protected. Sometimes your roof may need to be patched up, while other times your roof may need a complete overhaul. A complete re-roofing project may be needed.

Regardless of the work needed, you will need a trusted and reputable company to rely upon to get the work done. Daniel Hood Roofing Solutions is the company to help you. We provide the highest quality roofing materials, the most qualified contractors, and superb customer service. We also offer our work at the fairest price, making any roofing work easy on your pocketbook. Call us now for a free quote and to see what we can do for you!

One of the benefits of having a roofing company selected is that we can discuss your needs, schedule planned maintenance on your roof, and respond to any roofing needs that come up throughout the life of your roof. We are a trusted contractor that can partner with you to maintain your roof, repair your roof, and protect your home and your investment. We can provide assessments to you at any point to answer any concerns you have about your roof, whether it is a small leak or whether you are wondering about the impact of a powerful storm system on your roof. We are here to serve you and partner with you as you protect your largest investment, your home. We know how important your home is to provide for and protect your family, and we want to help make sure your roof is in its best condition to protect you and your home from the impact of age and the elements. We are a one-stop-shop for roof needs.

When a Re-Roof is necessary:
A couple of different times would require a re-roof.

1)If there is extensive hail damage on three sides of your roof, it will be necessary to get a new roof. This is the standard that insurance companies set by which they will provide insurance coverage to you for your roof. Four hail damage spots in a ten-foot square on one slope of your roof indicates that re-roof will be necessary. This kind of shingle damage inhibits the ability of the shingles to protect from water damage or wind damage. It weakens the overall integrity of the roof.
2)Wind damage that peels shingles off can also create a weakened roof unit. A re-roofing project will likely be required at this point. If any questions come up regarding whether adding shingles or a re-roofing project is necessary, reach out to your trusted team at Daniel Hood Roofing Systems. We will guide you and provide you the necessary information to make the best decision for your roof and your investment.

There are many benefits to re-roofing.

1.Your roof will be able to withstand the frequent hail and windstorms that are so prevalent in this area of Tennessee.
2.You can choose a roof that will add to the aesthetics of your home. GAF HD Shingles are a great choice. They enhance the beauty of your home and have the added benefit of holding up to extreme weather as well.
3.Re-roofing can add value to your home.
4.Re-roofing is more cost-effective than putting on a new roof. Protecting your home now will add protection and will save you money in the long run. It is more affordable than paying for a whole new roof.
5.Re-roofing is also more time effective. It takes much less time to put re-roof than it does to put on a new roof.

Contact Daniel Hood Roofing Systems for Re-Roofing in middle and eastern Tennessee
Would you like a free, no-obligation estimate on re-roofing your home? Contact us today at (865) 851-5002 and make Daniel Hood Roofing Systems your comprehensive solution for all roofing services.

Surrounding Cities
Metal Roofing is a great choice for lasting performance.
We are your choice contracting company for metal roofs. We have a long history of installing metal roofs in residential areas in eastern and middle Tennessee. It is a great choice to install a metal roof. In a state that experiences extreme weather throughout the year, considering metal roofing is a great option. There are so many benefits to this type of roof, and Daniel Hood Roofing Systems can discuss these benefits with you. Look no further for the best contractor to install a metal roof for you. Daniel Hood Roofing Systems is highly experienced with installing metal roofing to meet client needs. If you are considering metal roofing for your home, it is important to consider the benefits to compare to other shingle options.
Metal roofing can withstand the most extreme weather which makes it one of the longest-lasting options for roofing material out there. If you are interested in making your home more energy-efficient, metal roofs are a great option to explore. Besides, it is a great cost-efficient decision to install a metal roof. If you go with a metal roof, the chances that you would ever need to replace it are nil to none. While metal roofs may cost a little more than shingles to begin with, they can save you money in the long-run. They also need little to no maintenance, which leaves you to put your pocketbook to other things! Another great advantage to metal roofs is that they can cut down on energy bills-an added benefit that any homeowner is sure to welcome. Any homeowner looking for the best return on investment might want to consider the installation of a metal roof. Due to its energy efficiency and ability to keep the home cool in the summer, it will keep money in your pocket. Also because it will likely not need to be replaced in the next 50 years, it will save you money in the long run. This is an important benefit of choosing a metal roof. If you’d like to see if a metal roof is a good option for your needs, call Daniel Hood Roofing Solutions at KNOXVILLE(865) 312-7323.

Metal Roofing is a specialty at Daniel Hood Roofing Solutions.

Our team here at Daniel Hood Roofing Systems specialize in metal roofing. We know full well how metal roofs can withstand the weather in Tennessee and how to help you choose the best roof with the highest quality materials to meet your needs. Installing a metal roof is a great choice that can enhance your roofs’ lifespan and ensure a consistent protection of your largest investment-your home.

Now is truly a great time to install a quality metal roof to enhance your home’s protection and longevity. We can help give you the peace of mind you need by making sure your home is protected by the best roof, installed by the best contractors. Call us now for a free estimate!

Benefits of Metal Roofing

There are a lot of reasons to install a metal roof on your home. It is helpful to review the benefits for you to compare to other roofing choices.

Metal roofs:
•Last many years (up to 50)
•Are energy-efficient
•Resist high winds
•Resist fire
•Reflect radiant heat
•Often have high recycled content.

We Provide Options for Homeowners:

Daniel Hood Roofing Systems gives you choices to make that will improve and protect your biggest investment- your home. Choosing us, the #1, top-notch contractor will give you the best service and product for your money. We will make sure that you are informed every step of the way from assessing your property to helping you make vital decisions about the colors, materials, and type of product. We ensure excellent customer service that serves you and your family while protecting your home. If you have a metal roof installed, it will  protect you from the negative impacts of water, wind, and fire. When using our services to install a metal roof, we offer the following:
•Emergency storm repair
•Leak repair
•Energy-efficient upgrades

Metal roofs add value and beauty to a home while ensuring the longevity of your roof. If you are interested in a metal roof and would like to learn more about what Daniel Hood Roofing Systems can do for you, please call us for a free estimate.
We aim to meet your needs with 100% satisfaction. We will conduct a full assessment, both of your roof as well as your needs and help you choose materials and services that best meet your needs. We can view and discuss different shingle or roof options, metal roof replacement recommendations, and color options. We are here to support you every step of the way to protect your roof and home, increase its curb appeal and your enjoyment, and the longevity of your investment. We aim to make your experience easy, enjoyable and cost-effective. We would be delighted to partner with you to ensure your home is protected. Having a high-quality roof installed by the best contractor will do that-call us at Daniel Hood Roofing Solutions for a free consultation!
Contact Daniel Hood Roofing Systems in Tennessee for Metal Roofing
Daniel Hood Roofing Systems is your #1 choice for metal roofs throughout eastern and middle Tennessee. Our team is committed to 100% satisfaction throughout any roofing project. For a free estimate on metal roofing today, contact us at our KNOXVILLE OFFICE AT (865) 312-7323

Here at Daniel Hood Roofing Systems, we also provide consultation and solutions for both gutters and skylights.


Our team can provide the best solution for any of your gutter needs. We offer many solutions that will ensure the best protection of your home. We can provide assessment, consultation, and installation of new gutters. We can also provide both planned and emergency maintenance on gutters. Gutter cleaning is also a service that we provide to homeowners in order to best maintain their roof system and its longevity. Call us today to discuss how we can help you with your gutters at KNOXVILLE(865) 312-7323

-New Gutters
-Gutter Cleaning

Are you tired of putting your ladder up against your home to clean out your gutters? Leave that work to us, your trusted team of highly-skilled and professional contractors. You won’t want to touch another gutter after you have us come out to do it for you. We will ensure that all loose debris has been cleared from all of the roof areas. This is important because with all of the Tennessee weather, debris can end up on the roof with little chance of blowing off until the next storm. Sometimes this debris will end up plugging a gutter. It can plug the downspouts and cause backup of water onto the roof, especially for flat roofs. For pitched roofs, if your downspouts are plugged, it can cause uneven water displacement and push the soil in the receiving areas away from the foundation of your home. This can cause costly landscaping issues, or worse, foundation issues.

We also provide gutter repair and make sure that they are working well. This can help protect their longevity and avoid costly installation of new gutters. We will consult with you to discuss your needs and preferences when it comes to gutter cleaning and repair.

We are also available to make repairs. Please discuss any needs that you have with our trusted team. Whether you have damaged fascia or soffit, we will be able to meet your needs with a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals.  Call us now for a free quote. KNOXVILLE(865) 312-7323


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I choose the right contractor?
1.Look for a history of successful contractor experience. Review recommendations that are provided by past customers.
2.Look up the contractor on from a qualified reviewer. Sources like Better Business Bureau or Angie’s List are great resources for seeing how well any given contractor has performed on past projects. Choose one with high ratings!

How do I know what kind of roofing materials are the best choice for me?
1.Discuss your questions and needs with your trusted contractor. They will be able to provide a full assessment of your roof, your desired outcomes, and considerations, and make recommendations to you.
2.Take stock of your requirements. Are you wanting a metal roof? Are you concerned about saving money on monthly utility bills? Do you want to most up to date materials? Do you want recycled materials? These are all important considerations that will impact the choices that you make for your roof.

What kind of qualifications do you have? Are they up to industry standards?
We have the highest quality contractors with up to date credentials. Our credentials meet and exceed industry standards. We are happy to discuss these with you further! Give us a call today! KNOXVILLE(865) 312-7323

Should I go with the cheapest materials or the most expensive materials?
1.Cheapest materials are not always the best option. It depends on the current state of your roof and your overall goals for your roofing needs.
2.The most expensive materials are not always the best option either. Always discuss your questions with your qualified consultant. Call us today to see what materials best meet your needs! KNOXVILLE(865) 312-7323

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