Most Common Roofing Problems in Knoxville, TN

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While roofing in Knoxville TN, we encounter some amazing situations that, at times, make you laugh, scratch your head and/or curse. Thus, we wanted to share these often unique roofing situations with you!

When it comes to maintaining a roof, homeowners and professionals should make sure that this essential task is done right. If a roof is not properly maintained, major problems could occur, costing the homeowner hundreds of dollars in the long run. One of the best ways to avoid costly repairs is to be aware of roofing problems. Here are some of the most common roofing problems that homeowners and professionals should know.

Lack Of Maintenance: Among the many tasks of a homeowner, one of them is to hire a professional to perform regular roof maintenance. There are several things that can go wrong with a roof, so homeowners need to make regular roof maintenance a top priority. Some clear signs that a roof has been neglected include large holes, mold/mildew, and sagging. 

Roof Leaks: Regardless of the type of roof that a homeowner may have, roof leaks are never fun. The good news is that roof leak problems can be resolved, but it’s important to know why roof leaks even occur. In general, roof leaks are caused by broken shingles, improperly sealed valleys, poorly installed skylights, clogged gutters, a cracked chimney, attic condensation, debris buildup, excess moisture, and missing shingles. Once a leak has been detected, the roof should be repaired immediately. 

Moisture: Despite common belief, moisture can occur even if a leak isn’t present. The result of built up moisture is usually mold and mildew, both of which can cause the roof to rot over time. If the moisture build up is severe, an even bigger problem can occur. For example, when the roof experiences extreme moisture, the overall structure of the house could be significantly impacted. 

Bad Ventilation: A poorly ventilated attic is also a common roofing problem that can be a concern for many homeowners. If the ventilation in the attic is not absorbent enough, the roof may bake from the inside out due to escaped heat. After this happens, the roof will probably be chipped or cracked. 

Poor Installation: When homeowners hire a contractor to install a new roof, they need to make sure that the professionals are experienced and knowledgable to avoid a poor installation. A poorly installed roof is a common roofing problem among many homeowners, and often times, the only way to fix it is by completely replacing the roof. Of course, replacing an entire roof is a lot more expensive than simple repairs. 

Improper Repairs: The importance of hiring an experienced professional for all roofing jobs cannot be stressed enough as improper repairs are also a prevalent roofing problem. Although there are several shady contractors advertising roofing services, homeowners can avoid being a victim by making sure that whoever they hire for roof repairs is reputable. 

Heat Blistering: Due to poor construction, constant sunlight, or aging, some roofs may be prone to heat blistering, which usually occurs when tiny pockets of air start to expand between the shingles. As the blister gradually expands, an increasing amount of water and air is able to seep underneath the shingle, causing even more expansion. If the cycle is not quickly stopped by an experienced professional, the roof may encounter mold growth, leaks, and gaps. 

Damaged Shingles: Missing or damaged shingles can be caused by the weather, age, or constant foot traffic by animals and people. If the singles are brittle, curled, cupped, or worn out, they should be replaced immediately. Throughout the year, homeowners and professionals should also look for “nail pops.” Nail pops are signs that the roofing nail has completely penetrated through the shingle. Over time, nail pops could result in roof leaks. 

Storm Damage: Whether it’s spring, summer, winter, or fall, storms can cause major roofing damage, especially when they are accompanied by rain, hail, and heavy wind. After every major storm, homeowners should definitely have their roof inspected for possible damages. These damages may include broken or missing shingles, clogged vents, gutter build-up, and obvious cracks/tears. While homeowners are getting their roof inspected, they should keep in mind that the window for filing an insurance claim is generally pretty small. If there are any storm related damages, they will need to file a claim soon after the event to avoid paying for the repairs out of pocket. 

Clogged Gutters: After a severe storm, many roofs may be flooded with sticks, leaves, and other debris. Depending on the severity of the blockage, water could overflow from the gutters, causing significant damage to not only the roof but also the home’s foundation. Instead of waiting for the gutters to be flushed out naturally, homeowners should hire a reputable contractor to clean out the gutters. 

Small Animals: Many outdoor creatures such as birds, squirrels, raccoons, rats, and mice are known for constantly flocking to roofs, and these innocent-looking creatures can be the cause of some serious roofing problems. If these small animals try to store food, build a nest, or burrow into the roof, the roof could have tiny holes that will eventually result in even more problems. 

Damaged Or Missing Roof Flashing: The primary goal of roof flashing is to prevent water from coming into contact with building materials and assemblies. If the roof flashing is installed incorrectly, omitted, or damaged, the materials could be damaged by moisture. A roof repair or inspection should always include identifying and correcting damaged or missing flashing. 

Only Trust A Reputable Company To Complete Roofing Jobs 

In order to avoid roofing problems in the future, homeowners should only work with reputable companies. Before hiring a contractor to complete a roofing job, they should ensure that the company is licensed and insured as well has certifications from multiple roofing manufacturers like IKO, Owens Corning, GAF and CertainTeed. In addition, homeowners should check the rating of the company with the Better Business Bureau. If at all possible, they should also ask the roofing contractor for references. When homeowners follow these steps, they are less likely to experience a problem with a roofing contractor.

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